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Mostly I scroll around looking for funny stuff to take my mind off things
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Did a pic of Velma, then animated it.

I do simple character commissions/animations if anyone is interested.

Merry Christmas guys.

From me to you.

Enjoy your Turkey Day guys. My gift from me to you.

Happy Halloween gaiz. Its early but I got this done with enough time to actually enjoy it before Halloween gets here. Working on Thanksgiving… its harder then I thought to come up with an idea for it. >_>;

I need this.

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Some Know Your Rights materials I made. Hopefully find them helpful. :)

Very useful!

Guys, these are really important. I was out the other week where a friend was taken from the house I was at, not read his rights, and was detained/almost arrested. Make sure you know this stuff. 

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I love following so many art blogs cause I get to wake up and scroll through so many awesome pictures.

That moment when you beast a new game and don’t know what to do with yourself afterwards.

I want that bendable bike…

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